Dell P2715Q review
5 Jan 2015


Buy it.

Buy it and a new camera and the biggest graphics card you can find, because you’ll need them to take advantage of the beautiful panel.

Do your research to make sure it will work with your computer. My MacBook didn’t work at full resolution, despite being on Apple’s 4K compatibility list. (Wait, no, they’ve removed it. MacBook 13” Retina before 2015 definitely doesn’t work at 60Hz.)

The Good

It’s an affordable 4K IPS monitor. What’s not to like?

The Bad

The MacBook

I have a mid-2014 13” Retina MacBook Pro. This machine was on Apple’s 4K compatibility list but has since been removed.

Using the DisplayPort interface, it syncs at up to 2560x1440.

Using the HDMI interface, it syncs at 3840x2160, but only at 30Hz. This is mostly OK.

Oddly, using HDMI, the list of offered scaling options is different to my Mac Pro using DisplayPort. Using the Mac Pro, I get a ‘looks like 2560x1440’ option, which is my preference. Using the Macbook, the only options are 3840x2160 (native), 1920x1080 (native HiDPI), 1504x846 (scaled HiDPI) and 1152x648 (scaled HiDPI).

Fortunately I didn’t buy this monitor to use with the Macbook, so I’m not at all bothered.

The imperfect, but inconsequential

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