Open edX: Reducing Memory Consumption
25 Sep 2014

This page is extremely rough. It’s just my rough notes with very little editing or checking. Be warned!

If you’re just developing on your laptop/desktop, run Devstack. it is a lot easier to develop on than the full production server and “only” uses 2GB of RAM.

The stock edX Ubuntu deployment is set up to give you good performance, but it assumes that you have a lot of hardware available.

The recommended config for the edX Ubuntu deployment recommends an Amazon instance with 4GB of RAM. There are two problems with this:

If you’re running a big edX instance (tens of thousands of students), then yeah, you probably need some bigger hardware and a lot of RAM. If you’re just doing a closed course, 4GB instances are vast overkill.

You can reduce the memory usage to something sane by:

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